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1909-11 T206 Double Back Error PSA Authentic Piedmont 350 George McQuillan VERY RARE


Very rare card! Great T206 error card to add to your vintage baseball card collection. Dive into baseball’s storied past with this incredibly rare 1909-11 T206 Double Back Error George McQuillan Piedmont 350 card, authenticated by PSA and coveted by collectors worldwide.

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The 1909-11 T206 Double Back Error featuring George McQuillan with the Piedmont 350 advertisement is a truly unique and rare piece of baseball memorabilia. The T206 series, produced by the American Tobacco Company, is among the most coveted in the hobby, celebrated for its breadth of players, beautiful lithography, and, in instances like this, fascinating production anomalies. George McQuillan, a notable pitcher of his era, is immortalized in this series, but what sets this card apart is the double back error, showcasing two back prints instead of one. This error, combined with its PSA Authentic grading, marks it as a significant find for serious collectors.

McQuillan’s career, though perhaps not as storied as some of his contemporaries, was nonetheless impressive, with several standout seasons that showcased his pitching prowess. The T206 set captures a golden era of baseball, featuring legends and lesser-known players alike, making each card a window into the sport’s rich past. The double back error on this McQuillan card adds an extra layer of history and rarity, enhancing its appeal and the intrigue surrounding its production story.

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