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1909 T206 Piedmont Factory 42 PSA 1 George McQuillan 350-460 42 VERY RARE BACK


Elevate your collection with the 1909 T206 Piedmont George McQuillan Factory 42 PSA 1 card. Its very rare back and historical significance make it a standout piece.

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The 1909 T206 Piedmont Factory 42 George McQuillan card with a 350-460/42 back is a rare and fascinating artifact from the golden era of baseball cards. This particular issue is part of the T206 set, which is often celebrated for its extensive checklist and the variety of back advertisements, making some versions exceedingly rare and sought after by collectors. George McQuillan, the player featured on this card, was known for his pitching skills during his time in Major League Baseball, contributing to the card’s allure.

The Piedmont 350-460/42 back signifies it was part of a specific production run that is less common than other backs in the T206 series, thus increasing its rarity and desirability among collectors. The PSA 1 grading indicates the card has significant wear but retains its authenticity and historical value. For enthusiasts of the sport’s history, acquiring a card like this means owning a piece of baseball’s early 20th-century heritage, encapsulating the era’s aesthetic and the stories of players like McQuillan.

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