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1910 T206 Cycle Fred Burchell SGC Authentic Buffalo GREAT DISPLAY T206 Off Back

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1910 T206 Cycle Fred Burchell SGC Authentic Buffalo GREAT DISPLAY T206 Off Back.

Great rare back T206 to add to your vintage baseball collection. Delve into baseball’s storied past with the 1910 T206 Cycle Fred Burchell SGC Authentic. A great display piece for any vintage card collection, featuring a rare Cycle back and Buffalo team connection.

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1910 T206 Cycle Fred Burchell SGC Authentic Buffalo Bisons Rare T206 Back Tough, Great Display T206 Off Back

Grab a piece of baseball history with this T206 rare off back baseball card. This 1910 T206 Cycle graded card is highly sought after by T206 collectors due to the rarity of the back. Only approximately 0.55% of T206 backs are Cycle 350, which makes them a tough back to get. Graded SGC Authentic with evidence of trimming, this Cycle T206 card makes a great display piece!

For any T206 HOF collector or vintage baseball collector, this is a perfect card to add to your collection! Not many of these are for sale, so don’t miss your chance to buy a piece of vintage pre-war baseball history. Visit our Hall of Fame Relics shop to find other T206 PSA, SGC graded and raw cards. We have many HOF T206 players available, rare off backs like El Principe De Gales, American Beauty, Cycle, Tolstoi, Old Mill, Sovereign, Polar Bear, as well as unique variations such as Piedmont Factory 42, Sweet Caporal Double Factories, T206 error cards, Southern Leaguers, and more!

The 1910 T206 Cycle Fred Burchell card, graded SGC Authentic and featuring a Buffalo team designation, is a notable collectible in the vintage baseball card market. Part of the iconic T206 series, which was produced from 1909 to 1911, this card showcases Fred Burchell, a player who contributed to the early 20th-century baseball scene. The T206 series, known as “The Monster” among collectors, is famous for its extensive checklist and the variety of tobacco brand advertisements on the backs of the cards.

The Cycle back on this card is of particular interest to collectors. Cycle cigarettes were one of the many tobacco brands that sponsored the T206 set, and cards with Cycle backs are less common, adding a level of rarity and desirability. The SGC Authentic grade indicates that the card is genuine, even if it might not meet the standard criteria for numerical grading due to issues like trimming or restoration.

Despite not having a high numerical grade, the historical significance and rarity of the Cycle back make this Fred Burchell card a valuable item for collectors. It’s a great display piece, offering a glimpse into the rich history of baseball and baseball card collecting.

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