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1911 T206 George Bell Double Name Error SGC 4 Piedmont Pitching RARE AND TOUGH

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1911 T206 George Bell Double Name Error SGC 4 Piedmont 350-460 Back Pitching Variation RARE AND TOUGH vintage baseball card. Embrace a rare find in baseball card collecting with the 1911 T206 George Bell Double Name Error, graded SGC 4. A unique and tough-to-find card, perfect for serious vintage collectors.

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1911 T206 George Bell Double Name Error

Learn more about this George Bell baseball card value, especially given the double name error it has. The T206 set is known for a rare amount of double names that appear at both the top and bottom of these cards.

This T206 Double Name error is a very rare card. SGC 4 is close to the highest grade they can get due to the nature of the error, so this is one of the highest graded t206 double name errors you’re likely to see. The  Double Name is also beautifully printed and a great T206 error card to add to any vintage baseball collection. Visit our Hall of Fame Relics shop to find other T206 PSA, SGC graded and raw cards. We have many HOF T206 players available, rare off backs like El Principe De Gales, American Beauty, Cycle, Tolstoi, Old Mill, Sovereign, Polar Bear, as well as unique variations such as Piedmont Factory 42, Sweet Caporal Double Factories, T206 error cards, Southern Leaguers, and more!

The 1911 T206 George Bell card with the Double Name Error, graded SGC 4, is a significant and highly sought-after piece in the world of vintage baseball card collecting. Part of the iconic T206 series, produced from 1909 to 1911, this card features George Bell, a pitcher during the early 20th century. The T206 series, often referred to as “The Monster” due to its large size and the variety of cards it includes, is one of the most famous and revered sets in the sports card collecting world.

What sets this George Bell card apart is the Double Name Error. In the early days of baseball card production, printing errors were not uncommon, but finding such errors today adds a level of rarity and desirability among collectors. This specific error, where the player’s name is printed twice, is particularly rare and sought after.

The card’s Piedmont back is another aspect of interest. T206 cards were issued with various tobacco brand advertisements on the reverse, and Piedmont was one of the primary brands associated with the set. The SGC 4 grade indicates that the card is in good condition, showing some signs of wear but still retaining good eye appeal. Cards like this, with their rarity and historical significance, are highly prized by collectors who value the history and nostalgia of early baseball cards.

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