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1911 T206 Piedmont 350-460 Admiral Schlei Portrait SGC 3 Wet Transfer Error Back

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1911 T206 Piedmont 350-460 Admiral Schlei Portrait SGC 3 Wet Transfer Error Back.

Experience a unique piece of baseball card history with the 1911 T206 Piedmont Admiral Schlei Portrait SGC 3, featuring a rare wet transfer error. A must-have for collectors who appreciate rarity and historical charm.

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Grab a piece of baseball history with this great displaying T206 Piedmont 350-460 T206 baseball card. It displays extremely well for being a 3 and has a rare error on the back called a wet ink transfer. You can see the faint outlines of a player around the red wet ink lines. Very cool T206 error card to add to your collection!

For any T206 collector or vintage baseball collector looking errors, this is a perfect card to add to your vintage pre-war collection! Visit our Hall of Fame Relics shop to find other T206 PSA, SGC graded and raw cards. We have many HOF T206 players available, rare off backs like El Principe De Gales, American Beauty, Cycle, Tolstoi, Old Mill, Sovereign, Polar Bear, as well as unique variations such as Piedmont Factory 42, Sweet Caporal Double Factories, T206 error cards, Southern Leaguers, and more!

The 1911 T206 Piedmont 350-460 Admiral Schlei Portrait card, featuring the unique ‘Wet Transfer Error’ on the back, is a fascinating piece for collectors of vintage baseball cards. Part of the legendary T206 series, this card showcases Admiral Schlei, a well-regarded catcher who played in the Major Leagues in the early 20th century. The T206 series, produced from 1909 to 1911, is renowned among collectors for its artistic representations of players and the vast array of variations and rarities it includes.

What makes this particular card especially interesting is the ‘Wet Transfer Error’ on its back. This type of error occurred during the printing process when freshly printed sheets were stacked before the ink had dried, causing text or images to be mirrored or transferred onto the adjacent sheet. The card also features the Piedmont 350-460 brand back, which is a common back type for the T206 series but adds to the overall appeal when combined with such a unique error. Graded as SGC 3, this card is in relatively good condition for its age, with some signs of wear but still retaining its visual appeal and structural integrity.

Collectors value these error cards not only for their scarcity but also for the stories they tell about the early days of baseball card production, making them a charming and significant addition to any collection.

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