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1911 T206 SC Factory 42 Double Factory Error Howie Camnitz SGC 2.5 Rare Error


1911 T206 SC Factory 42 Double Factory Error Howie Camnitz SGC 2.5 Rare Error.

Uncover a rare gem in baseball card collecting with the 1911 T206 SC Factory 42 Double Factory Error Howie Camnitz SGC 2.5. A must-have for enthusiasts of rare error cards and vintage memorabilia.

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Grab a piece of baseball history with this Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory 42 T206 baseball card, a rare back on its own, but also has a Double Factory error! This 1911 T206 Factory 42 Sweet Caporal Howie Camnitz SGC 2.5 graded card is a rare find because of how few were printed with this specific back. Only about 1.01% of all T206 cards were printed with the Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory 42 OP back. These tobacco cards came from different manufacturers, so the Sweet Caporal cards came from Sweet Caporal tobacco packs.

The OP stands for Overprint, which was required because a mistake was made with the original printing showing the wrong factory. This is why there is a fancy red design on the back under the word “Subjects”, that is the normal spot where the Factory label should be. Instead they re-stamped the error out with the fancy design and printed Factory 42 below the bottom border. Additionally you can see they didn’t align the overprint stamp correctly which reveals a partial piece of the original factory which is why this is such a neat and rare vintage baseball card.

For any T206 collector or vintage baseball collector looking for different backs, this is a perfect card to add to your collection that displays very well on the back with a cool history.
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The 1911 T206 Howie Camnitz card featuring the SC Factory 42 Double Factory Error, graded SGC 2.5, is a rare and intriguing collectible in the world of vintage baseball cards. Part of the renowned T206 series, produced from 1909 to 1911, this card showcases Howie Camnitz, a notable pitcher of the era. The T206 series, famed for its extensive player roster and artistic quality, is a staple among baseball card collectors.

What elevates this particular card’s uniqueness and collectability is the Double Factory Error on its back. The T206 cards were issued with various tobacco brand backs, and errors in these backs are uncommon. The SC (Sweet Caporal) Factory 42 designation is already a point of interest for collectors, but the Double Factory Error makes it even more exceptional.

Despite its SGC 2.5 grading, indicating fair condition, the rarity of the double factory error and the card’s historical significance make it a valuable addition to any collection. Cards like this are cherished not only for their physical state but for the unique story they tell about the early days of baseball card production and the complexities of the T206 series.

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