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1927 W560 Babe Herman 7 Of Hearts PSA Authentic


Babe Herman 1927 W560 baseball card, graded PSA Authentic. These cards were meant to be used as playing cards so not many survived in good condition. Get an almost 100 year old pre-war card in great condition at a great price!

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The 1927 W560 set of baseball cards came on uncut sheets with a handful of other cards so then you could hand cut out your own cards. Due to this, grading is notoriously difficult because for any other card any kind of cutting makes a card invalid for grading beyond “Altered” or “Authentic”. Due to the strict PSA grading guide, this card was deemed cut too short so it didn’t receive an actual grade. If it were graded I believe it’d be at least a 9! They were designed to come with a blank back and are a very rare card.

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