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1952 Topps Bill Howerton #167 PSA 2 Vintage Baseball Pittsburgh Pirates


Relive the golden era of baseball with the 1952 Topps Bill Howerton #167 PSA 2 Vintage Pittsburgh Pirates card. A classic addition to any sports card collection, showcasing the history and legacy of the game.

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The 1952 Topps Bill Howerton #167 card is a cherished item for vintage baseball card collectors, featuring outfielder Bill Howerton who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Howerton, known for his versatility on the field, had a career spanning various teams, with notable contributions to the Pirates. The 1952 Topps series is famous for its groundbreaking design and vivid color palette, which revolutionized baseball card collecting.

This series holds a special place in the hearts of collectors for its historical significance and the introduction of many players’ first cards. The card’s PSA 2 grading indicates its authentic vintage condition, preserving the nostalgia and charm of baseball’s golden era. This card is not just a piece of memorabilia but a tangible link to the rich history of America’s pastime.

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