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1952 Topps Hank Sauer #35 BVG 4.5 Black Back 1952 VG-EX Vintage Chicago Cubs


Step back in time with the 1952 Topps Hank Sauer #35 BVG 4.5 Black Back Vintage card. This cherished collectible showcases the power and prowess of the legendary outfielder in stunning vintage style.

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The 1952 Topps Hank Sauer #35 card is a classic piece of baseball memorabilia, capturing the essence of the post-war era of the sport. Featuring the formidable outfielder Hank Sauer, who played primarily for the Chicago Cubs and was renowned for his power hitting, this card is a snapshot of baseball history. Sauer’s career was highlighted by his 1952 National League MVP award, a testament to his skill and impact on the game. The 1952 Topps series is particularly notable for its vibrant colors and iconic design, making it a favorite among collectors. This specific card, graded BVG 4.5 with a black back, offers a unique variation from the standard issue, adding to its rarity and desirability. Its VG-EX (Very Good-Excellent) condition indicates a well-preserved piece, making it a valuable asset for vintage card collectors.

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