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1952 Wheaties Ralph Kiner HOF #25 CSG Authentic Low Population RARE HOF CARD

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1952 Wheaties Ralph Kiner HOF #25 CSG Authentic Low Population RARE HOF CARD. Own a piece of baseball history with the 1952 Wheaties Ralph Kiner HOF #25 CSG Authentic. A rare and low population card, perfect for collectors of Hall of Fame memorabilia.

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1952 Wheaties Ralph Kiner HOF Baseball #25 CSG Authentic
An authentic Hall of Fame Ralph Kiner 1952 Wheaties hand cut card. Really cool piece of history and very low population! CSG grades similar to PSA and is an authority for authenticity. Great card to add to any Hall of Fame Baseball collection.

The 1952 Wheaties Ralph Kiner card #25, graded CSG Authentic and noted for its low population, is a rare and valuable collectible, especially appealing to fans of vintage baseball cards and Hall of Fame players. This card is part of a series issued by Wheaties, the popular breakfast cereal, which featured baseball stars of the era. These cards, often found on the back of cereal boxes, are cherished for their nostalgic value and connection to the early days of baseball memorabilia.

Ralph Kiner, the player featured on this card, was one of the most prominent power hitters of his era. He had a distinguished career, primarily with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and was known for leading the National League in home runs for several consecutive seasons. Kiner’s legacy in baseball led to his induction into the Hall of Fame, making memorabilia associated with him particularly sought after by collectors.

The CSG Authentic grade indicates that the card is genuine and has retained its integrity, though it might not meet the standard criteria for numerical grading due to issues like trimming or restoration. The low population status of this card adds to its rarity, as it suggests that there are few known examples in circulation, making it a prized addition to any collection of vintage baseball cards.

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