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1955 Topps Ferris Fain GAI 5 EX #11 Excellent Condition Vintage MLB Detroit Tigers


Dive into the rich history of Major League Baseball with the 1955 Topps Ferris Fain GAI 5 EX #11 Detroit Tigers card. An excellent condition vintage treasure showcasing a celebrated Tigers first baseman.

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The 1955 Topps Ferris Fain #11 card, graded GAI 5 EX (Excellent), is a notable piece for any collector interested in vintage baseball memorabilia. Ferris Fain, primarily recognized for his tenure with the Detroit Tigers, was an accomplished first baseman known for his batting skills and two American League batting titles. His playing style and contributions to the Tigers make him a memorable figure in baseball history.

The 1955 Topps series is celebrated for its vibrant, colorful artwork and distinctive horizontal layout, marking a significant evolution in the design of baseball cards. This card’s GAI 5 EX grade indicates it is in excellent condition, preserving the quality and appeal of a card that is over half a century old. For collectors of vintage MLB cards, especially those focusing on Detroit Tigers history, this card represents a valuable and cherished addition to their collection.

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