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1975 Topps Jim Rice RC SGC Certified Autograph Rookie #616 EX centered HOF

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1975 Topps Jim Rice RC SGC Certified Autograph Rookie #616 EX centered HOF.

Celebrate baseball history with the 1975 Topps Jim Rice Autographed Rookie Card SGC EX. A must-have for Red Sox fans and collectors, this card captures the essence of a Hall of Fame career.

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This Jim Rice rookie card autograph is a great gift for any Hall of Fame Autograph and HOF RC collector or vintage baseball collector!

The 1975 Topps Jim Rice Rookie Card #616, featuring an SGC Certified Autograph, is a treasured piece for baseball card collectors, especially those interested in Hall of Famers. Jim Rice, a formidable hitter in Major League Baseball, spent his entire career with the Boston Red Sox and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009. His rookie card from the 1975 Topps set is already a sought-after item, and this particular card’s value is enhanced by Rice’s autograph, certified by SGC (Sports Card Guaranty).

The 1975 Topps set is known for its vibrant, colorful design and is popular among collectors. This set includes many key rookie cards, making it even more appealing. Rice’s card is no exception, and its excellent condition (graded as EX, or ‘Excellent’, and noted for being well-centered) makes it a desirable piece. For collectors, the combination of a Hall of Famer’s rookie card, a certified autograph, and the card’s good condition make this a standout item.

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