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1982 Fleer Lee Smith Rookie Error Card #603 Cubs Logo Reversed HOF

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This baseball card has a lot of unique selling points going for it. We have a Hall of Famer, a Rookie card, and an Error card all wrapped up into one. This Lee Smith rookie error card is a unique find that was later corrected in future prints of the 1982 Fleer series. If you look at the photos of the back, you’ll notice the Chicago Cubs logo is reversed, but still so symbolic of the Cubs logo that it’ll make you blink twice to realize it.

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This 1982 Fleer Lee Smith rookie card error card is a neat baseball card to add to your collection. The card is #603 and you’ll notice on the back the Chicago Cubs logo is reversed and flipped over. Rookie error cards are hard to find enough, but a Hall of Fame rookie error card is a really unique find.

We have a handful in quantity.

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The 1982 Fleer Lee Smith Rookie Error Card #603 Cubs Logo Reversed HOF is a unique and collectible card that marks the early days of Lee Smith, a dominant relief pitcher who would eventually earn a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Lee Arthur Smith, born on December 4, 1957, in Jamestown, Louisiana, embarked on a remarkable career that would see him become one of the most feared closers in MLB history.

Lee Smith’s imposing presence on the mound and his ability to consistently save games made him a force to be reckoned with during his playing days. He became an essential part of multiple teams, including the Chicago Cubs. The 1982 Fleer Lee Smith Rookie Error Card #603 Cubs Logo Reversed HOF is particularly unique due to the error in the Cubs logo orientation, making it a sought-after item among collectors and baseball enthusiasts.

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