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1992-93 Ultra Alonzo Mourning RC PSA 9 HOF #234 Rookie Hornets Mint


Celebrate the legacy of Alonzo Mourning with this mint 1992-93 Ultra RC PSA 9. A must-have for Hornets enthusiasts and collectors of basketball history.

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The 1992-93 Ultra Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card #234, graded PSA 9 Mint, is an iconic piece of basketball memorabilia that celebrates the early career of one of the NBA’s most formidable centers. Drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, Mourning quickly made a name for himself with his defensive prowess and scoring ability, eventually earning his place in the Hall of Fame. This card, part of the Ultra series known for its glossy finish and high-quality photography, captures Mourning in his rookie season, making it a coveted item for collectors and fans of the Hornets.

The PSA 9 Mint grade indicates that the card is in exceptional condition, with only the most minor imperfections. It’s a testament to Mourning’s lasting impact on the game and the legacy he built over his career. For fans of the Hornets or collectors of Hall of Fame rookie cards, this Alonzo Mourning card represents not just a piece of sports history but also the excellence and dedication of one of basketball’s greats.

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