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1995 Pinnacle Zenith Chipper Jones Rookie Sample #111 PSA 9 Low Pop RARE


1995 Pinnacle Zenith Chipper Jones Rookie Sample #111 PSA 9 Low Pop RARE. Celebrate a baseball legend with the 1995 Pinnacle Zenith Chipper Jones Rookie Sample #111 PSA 9. A rare and mint condition card, perfect for collectors of unique and low-population memorabilia.

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1995 Pinnacle Zenith Chipper Jones RC Sample #111 PSA 9 Mint Low population, rare!
Grab a piece of baseball history with a Chipper Jones MLB rookie year Sample card from the Pinnacle Zenith set. Only 20 of these cards are graded in TOTAL with PSA, making it a quite rare card!

The 1995 Pinnacle Zenith Chipper Jones Rookie Sample #111, graded PSA 9, is a unique and highly sought-after card among collectors of modern baseball memorabilia. This card is part of the Pinnacle Zenith series, known for its high-quality production and innovative design during the mid-1990s. The “Rookie Sample” designation indicates that this card was a promotional item, making it rarer than standard issue cards.

Chipper Jones, the player featured on this card, is a significant figure in baseball history. He spent his entire career with the Atlanta Braves and is regarded as one of the greatest switch hitters in MLB history. Jones had an illustrious career, culminating in his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The PSA 9 grade indicates that the card is in mint condition, showing only minor imperfections. This high grade, combined with the card’s status as a “Rookie Sample” and its low population (low pop) — meaning there are few known examples in this condition — make it a valuable and desirable item for collectors. Cards like this, which capture a player in their early career and are unique in their production, are treasured not just for their rarity but also for their historical and nostalgic value.

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